GameHouse continues towards top ten position with new GM and new games

Developer GameHouse may not have yet made it into the top ten developers like CEO Matt Hulett announced it would when we talked to him in September, but the company has a number of new projects in the works that are planned to accomplish this goal in the near future.

Since September, GameHouse has both surged and dropped in traffic. DAU numbers for the developer show a significant gain in early February, though the numbers have been falling off over the past four weeks. GameHouse now holds the No. 17 spot for MAU and the No. 19 position for DAU. Hulett tells us that unspecified “technical architecture” problems with some of GameHouse’s titles caused this fall off, but the issues have been addressed.

Correction: We originally listed GameHouse as No. 47 by MAU and No. 60 by DAU. This was incorrect. The company is currently No. 17 by MAU and No. 19 by DAU among Facebook game developers.

Hulett believes that GameHouse’s DAU will bounce back and carry it into the top ten developers within a month or so, in part due to the two new games the company has in development. GameHouse is working on a match-3 arcade title as well as a new slots game. Hulett can’t go into details  on the latter because it’s still early in the development cycle.

GameHouse already has two slots games in its catalog — Adventure Slots and Slots — but it doesn’t plan to move away from the genre any time soon because they’re just too profitable. According to Hulett, slots games monetize roughly ten times better than arcade titles do.

“With arcade games, you’ll often here of 1 to 3 cents per DAU, but we have a couple of slots games that monetize at 10 to 15 cents per DAU,” he says.”Once you get the cognitive behavior where you loop a whale in, they keep playing and playing and playing to unlock new machines. The game become a race to earn XP in order to unlock the next cool thing.”

Aside from the new games, GameHouse is also bringing in some new talent to help strengthen its social games brands. Jared Brinkley, formerly of developers like Playdom and Tagged, is the company’s new general manager of Social Game Design. Brinkley’s role will be to lead overall design and creative direction for GameHouse’s upcoming social games.

Hulett also believes that one of the big upcoming trends for social games is using Facebook Connect to make titles cross-platform experiences. To this end, GameHouse is working on a Facebook Connect version of Collapse! Blast for iOS. Hulett reminds us that GameHouse has experience with mobile devices, pointing out how the company also has the Android rights to Doodle Jump.

Going from the No. 19 developer by DAU to No. 10 within a few weeks seems possible. The change would require a 3.8 million DAU gain, easily achievable if GameHouse can get one or two games onto our monthly Top 25 list. Even if these titles appeared at the bottom of the chart, they would likely mean at least an extra 2 million DAU for the company.

You can follow GameHouse’s progress on AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.