GameHouse Launches Slingo Adventure on Facebook

SLINGO-Adventure-650After announcing the game at Casual Connect in July 2014, RealNetworks’ GameHouse division has announced the official launch of Slingo Adventure on Facebook. RealNetworks acquired the Slingo brand last year, and GameHouse has been hard at work ever since, creating a game that combines bingo and slot machines in a new way to attract both existing franchise fans and completely new players.

Slingo Adventure offers a level-based experience, where each level gives players a board full of numbers, presented on a slot machine. The goal is to daub as many of these numbers as possible, like in a game of bingo. However, numbers aren’t presented one at a time. Instead, one number appears under each column on each spin of the machine, so players can mark multiple numbers on each turn, if they’re lucky. Players have a limited number of spins in each level, with the goal of marking off as many numbers as possible and completing each level’s base requirement (like earning a large number of points).

Levels feature colored patterns of numbers, like rectangles and crosses, which reward bonus points when completely filled in. In addition, jokers and super jokers may appear at random on each spin. Regular jokers can be used to mark off any number in a single column, while super jokers are used to mark off any number on the card. Free spins and bonus coins may also appear at random, as well as rockets capable of automatically daubing all numbers in a single column. Elsewhere, players earn bonus points for rapidly daubing their numbers that appear. The faster they daub, the more bonus points they receive via this bonus meter on the left side of the screen.Slingo Adventure 650 2Players earn bonus points for each slingo, or bingo line, they create (and even more for completely filling the card), and earn up to three rings (stars) on each level, depending on their score. If players fail to complete a level’s requirements before running out of spins, they’ll lose a life. These recharge automatically over time, or can be purchased to continue instantly. Outside of each level, players can compare their high scores on each stage with their friends’ on level-specific leaderboards, and can replay stages to earn higher scores and more rings. These rings are important, as players must collect them in bulk to open up new level groups on the main menu.

Many players may be familiar with the base gameplay of Slingo Adventure from Zynga’s version of the game, Zynga Slingo, which was released in 2012 but closed in 2013 after the GameHouse acquisition. However, Slingo Adventure does offer some original elements, not found in previous titles in the franchise.

For one, players can complete mini-games while playing. At launch, two are available. One, the Joker’s Shell Game, is based on three-card-monte, while the other is a coin toss game. Both see players betting a percentage of their points for a chance at many more, or spending coins to skip the game entirely. Speaking with us in July, GameHouse vice president of studio Ken Murphy told us more games will be added “quickly” going forward.

Elsewhere, players now have to fight devilkins, which start appearing at level 26. These wisps hide under numbers on the screen, and test players’ reflexes. For instance, if hiding under the number 15, and the number 15 comes up on a spin, the devilkin will attempt to change the number to something else, preventing the player from daubing the square. The devilkin will bounce around the screen until players can finally eliminate him, through a combination of luck and correct daubs on the board. It should be noted that if they’re fast enough, players can daub the matching number before the devilkin can change it.Slingo Adventure 650Players have access to power-ups before they begin a game, as well as extra spins, with both being purchased with the free coins users earn while playing. One power, Slingo Vision, highlights any matching numbers so players don’t have to search for them themselves (for a limited time), while the Joker Plus power rewards users with an instant joker after activation. Another power stops the bonus meter from decreasing for three turns, and so on.

Levels are presented in chunks, and become more complicated as players progress. For instance, levels in a snowy region may see ice cubes sit on top of numbers. In these cases, players must daub a number twice to actually mark it (once to remove the ice), or use a power-up to remove the ice. Another level may see shields rest on numbers, with the same principle (they must be daubed twice), and so on.

For additional social play, players can invite their Facebook friends to play the game, and send them coins or lives as free gifts.

Slingo Adventure is available to play for free on Facebook. The game is coming soon to Android and iOS, and will offer cross-platform support for syncing progress across devices.