GameFly Adds Social Networking To Their Android App

GameFly is a very popular video game rental service that works like Netflix. If you have an Android phone and use GameFly you might want to grab the free GameFly app, which you can use to manage your game queue. A new version of the GameFly app has been released that adds social networking to what is already a very strong offering for gamers.

The social networking features now available in the Android app have been available in the iPhone version of GameFly since April. Users can create their own profile page and browse other user’s profiles, as well as follow other people who use GameFly and post updates to share their experiences with playing games. You can see activity associated with games and find new people to play games with on XBox Live, PSN and Wii.

Even if you don’t rent from GameFly but like to play video games, you might consider adding GameFly to your phone because it contains a lot of useful information. Most of the pages that describe the games include images and a trailers that you can view on your phone to see a bit of the game. The pages also contain reviews on the game. The GameFly app also has the latest news about games where you can read about new releases and get background information about popular games.

The GameFly app is free, includes ads, and is available in the Android Market as well as the iTunes App Store.