Gameflip’s Video Game Marketplace Launches on Mobile

The app allows users to buy and sell new or used video games, accessories and collectibles.

Ijji has announced the release of its video game marketplace app, Gameflip, on iOS and Android devices. The app looks to rival services like Glyde, as it allows gamers to buy and sell new or used video games, as well as accessories or general collectibles.

With Gameflip, users can browse listings for each major video game console and handheld device, or search for specific titles to compare prices (in cases where more than one unit is for sale). Two additional sections are available for gaming accessory items, like controllers or headsets, and for collectibles, like Disney Infinity figures and Skylanders, video game related clothing and more.

Each item is listed alongside a product image, description and condition rating, and users can check the seller’s profile to view their score and ratings for past transactions.

Items may have an associated shipping cost, or can ship for free, as determined by the seller. Gameflip manages the entire transaction, and offers a buyer guarantee if the item is not received in a timely fashion, or isn’t in the expected condition.

For sellers, the company’s seller guarantee will give users in-app credit if their game doesn’t sell within 30 days, and is also on the app’s ‘Top Title’ list (a list of games based on GameStop’s trade-in cash value, which Ijji will update once a month). This credit is the difference between the seller’s desired price and the current Gamestop trade-in price, but the item price must be no more than 20 percent higher than this trade-in value.

All users can earn free credit within Gameflip, with $2 awarded for each invited friend (up to 10) who creates a Gameflip account using the friend’s invite code, and another $4 awarded when one of these friends makes a purchase in the app (up to 10 purchases).

In a statement, JT Nguyen, CEO of Ijji, commented:

Packaged games are currently the only medium allowing gamers to get cash for their pre-owned games. Yet the process of trading in games and game-related items is neither easy nor cost-effective. We created the Gameflip marketplace to put the power of buying for less and selling for more in the hands of gamers. In other words, we are transferring the monetary power of retailers to gamers.

Gameflip is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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