Gamee Launches Social Network for Free Casual Mobile Games

The app offers a growing selection of free casual games, with social features allowing users to interact with others.

Gamee, a social network for casual games, has officially launched on iOS and Android devices. The app offers a catalog of easy-to-learn casual games, with social features allowing players to interact and compare their high scores with others.

With Gamee, players have access to a selection of games inspired by popular titles including 2048, Snake and Flappy Bird (among others), as well as a variety of endless survival games that challenge a player’s reflexes. Players are presented with trending and recommended games in a home feed, or can browse the entire catalog to find the specific games they’re interested in playing.

At launch, Gamee offers 18 different games, all playable for free within the app, and players can compare their high scores with strangers or friends via Facebook and Twitter connectivity. New games are planned for release on a bi-weekly basis.

As players earn high scores in Gamee’s mini-games, friends and strangers can like or comment on this activity. Users can favorite games for easier later access, and will earn experience points as they continue to engage with the app.

In a statement, Gamee CEO and co-founder, Bozena Rezab, commented:

Smartphones have introduced gaming to mass audiences, and it’s Gamee’s ambition to be the social network of choice for all casual gamers worldwide, including many first-time mobile gamers that are popping up all over the world.

Gamee is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Players can also try Gamee’s titles on the Web.