Gamebrain reveals cloud-based development and publishing platform

Image via Gamebrain
Image via Gamebrain

Designed to address the needs of small to mid-sized mobile game developers, Gamebrain announced today a cloud-based development and publishing platform that Founder and CEO Eduardo Cervantes sees as a major breakthrough for developers looking to expedite the process from game idea to monetization.

“It is very hard to get your game discovered by the public,” explains Cervantes, “especially if you’re a small developer. You just don’t have the resources to rank high on the app stores.

“The top 20 game development companies account for 90-percent of revenue at the big app stores, both Google and Apple. In our study, we counted 1.1 million app development shops and independent developers around the world. So if the top 20 players are taking 90-percent of the revenue, that means the other 10-percent is being spread out among those 1.1 million developers. So where we see the opportunity is in evening the playing field.”

According to Cervantes, the reason the top players generate so much revenue is because they have more marketing and business expertise along with additional resources on the development side in terms of artists and designers to help make their games. Once completed, the bigger developers then use their resource pool in marketing to get the word out to people to download their product.

Says Cervantes: “We’ve created a one-stop shop platform of resources for development of a game, monetization of a game, and publishing of game.

“What we have created is really an integration framework where we are integrating best-in-class partners. These partners are companies that provide tools for development and tools for monetization or services for development or services for monetization.”

Tools and services include everything from analytics to design, rendering, and prototyping tools.

“When a game developer goes to develop a game with us, he has all the tools and services like device testing and Q/A testing, so when they go to develop a game with us, they have everything in one place.”

Image via Gamebrian
Image via Gamebrian

In terms of monetization, Gamebrain is bringing partners with ad networks and cross-selling capabilities to help developers sell their product.

“We also help developers simplify the process to publish their games directly to the app stores or mobile carriers,” adds Cervantes. “We’re here to help them monetize successfully.”

Another component of the product is a community module where developers can find talent inside the platform in order to help them create a successful title. Inclusion of an Asset Store enables developers to not only find the illustrations, animations, and sound they are looking for, they can even sell their own assets to other users in order to make additional profits. And with the entire development environment inside the platform, it enables everyone to work remotely over the cloud.

“They can find the people and tools they need,” says Cervantes. “We’re developing and assembling quite a bit of content in order to help game developers develop better. These are small shops, and they are sometimes not as successful working in a well-structured, planned-out workflow, so they can use our workflows, they can use our tools, they can use our services to get the content and education to help them build a better game.

“That’s how we intend to even the playing field.”

Gamebrain is currently accepting sign-ups for their closed beta, scheduled to launch Q4 2013. Those accepted into the beta will be granted 50GB of free cloud-based storage.