Gamebrain, Kontagent team to bring indie-tailored analytics to platform

Cloud-based development and publishing platform Gamebrain is partnering with Kontagent to provide detailed analytics through the new service, tailored to meet the needs of small- to mid-level developers.

Everything from a players’ first-session engagement to monetization strategies to lifetime value is covered in Kontagent’s free tier, as Gamebrain hopes to not only help simplify developer workflow, but streamline the entire process.

[contextly_sidebar id=”456812057d36aa0cde0fb21b032586d6″]“Kontagent is committed to supporting the exploding mobile marketplace of small- and mid-sized development studios with the analytics they need to optimize and grow their businesses, and our partnership with Gamebrain reinforces this commitment,” said Anthony Yoo, GM, Channel Development, Kontagent via press release. “Empowering smaller teams with the intelligence in which the big publishers have easier access is important to the overall health of our industry, and Gamebrain will be a critical vehicle in this effort.”

Signups for Gamebrain’s closed beta are now being accepted, with the platform due to launch Q4, 2013.

“As game developers continue to see their passion for game creation and products as businesses with very specific needs, Gamebrain’s aim is to support the needs of small- to mid-sized teams with the tools necessary to compete and succeed in today’s marketplace, and Kontagent fills a critical component of that process,” said Eduardo Cervantes, CEO, Gamebrain. “Having firmly established itself as the leading solution of choice for mobile analytics, we believe that Kontagent’s offering is a perfect match for developers using Gamebrain, particularly at a level of accessibility designed for smaller teams.”