Gamebrain adds AppThwack, Bugsnag, and Babel Media to roster

Cloud-based development and publishing platform Gamebrain announced today a series of new strategic partnerships, adding AppThwack, Bugsnag, and Babel Media to its workflow program.

“Gamebrain is building a central hub for game development,” says Conrad Irwin of Bugsnag. “This is the first time publishing, monetization, and development resources and tools will be consolidated and available in the same place.”

[contextly_sidebar id=”083b1f417e5d5ddc80040e0aa9a65c6d”]“Speaking with various application and game developers, you’ll notice that there are many questions about finding innovative tools and services that match their project needs,” adds Richard Leinfellner of Babel Media. “We believe Gamebrain addresses this by introducing developers to cutting-edge companies and automatically recommending the most appropriate partners.

“We have had a lot of meetings with Indie developers and the old adage ‘they don’t know what they don’t know’ springs to mind. The Gamebrain platform is an ideal way to help and educate smaller developers as they go through the production and publication of their apps.”

Gamebrain is now accepting Closed Beta signups on its website at Applications for the first group of signees is currently being rolled out, with access to the Closed Beta to begin in November.

Says App Thwack’s Pawel Wojnarowicz: “Gamebrain is the first platform that combines resources, previously scattered across the web or available only to large game studios, and makes them accessible to indie game developers.

“Having a single-stop shop for critical resources will minimize the distractions and streamline the development process for many game devs.”

“Gamebrain is solving a huge problem,” adds Irwin. “Many of the mobile developers we work with go through the same steps for every application they build. Gamebrain is making this process easier and repeatable.”