Game Review: UNO For Facebook Successfully Translates The Classic Card Game

UNO, a family card game which has growing in popularity over the last 30 years, has been adapted to a great Facebook game (which you can play here) that seamlessly integrates real-time multiplayer gameplay and pleasing graphics. The game has been gaining momentum on Facebook, hovering around 3,700,000 monthly active users and is listed consistently in the top ten for “Card Games” on the Facebook Games dashboard. We review the popular game below.

  • Title: UNO for Facebook
  • Genre: Card Games
  • Game Developer: GameHouse
  • Game Publisher: GameHouse
  • Released: 2009


UNO for Facebook is a complete card game for Facebook, which intelligently integrates mutiplayer gameplay. It is a pleasant diversion that will be a treat to fans of the card game, but don’t expect any exciting additions or innovative ways of competing.


Attractive Graphics. Speedy gameplay. Large community. Player-to-player score comparisons. Easy to start games with friends.


No leveling or bonuses. Nearly useless coins. Gameplay UI is slightly cluttered.

Full Review:


The UNO presentation is a mixed bag. On the one hand, the graphics and animations are excellent, and it feels like a high-production game. You are able to send animated gifts to other players, and big colorful buttons make any action a satisfying experience. On the other hand, the UI can feel cluttered, especially on the main gameplay screen. The gifting tab takes up almost half of the real-estate, and the


UNO is a tremendously fun game, and the game designers haven’t messed with the original. Reverses and Wild Cards abound, and the speed of gameplay is fast. There are audio alerts and a timer in the corner of the screen so that you never miss a turn, and if you are lagging, you’re quickly put on ‘pause’, so that the game stays fast. It is interesting that the cards you can play are highlighted on your turn, essentially removing one level of difficulty from the already uncomplex game, but there is still a large amount of necessary strategy.

Lasting Appeal:

UNO is a game that you can play for hours, weeks and years. The game has been around since 1971, and still remains a family favorite. The game is certainly intended for players that know and love the game, and with close to 4,000,000 MAU, we can see that’s a big chunk. One of the elements that maintains the longevity of the game is the use of the ‘compare’ charts under score, where I can view my scores as they compare to others. These keep players trying hard to get better and better scores in the game. Would have been nice to perhaps see a ‘level’ system, where my rank could increase the better I play.


One of my favorite elements of the multiplayer is the integration of the game lobby. I simply tell my friends to go start the game, and wait in the lobby. As soon as any of my friends are waiting in the lobby, we’re lumped into a game together as we wait for more players, or we both click go and join another game in progress. It truly is a pain-free way of playing with friends, and seeing as I would want to play with some of my older family members who may not have as much patience for clicking through menus, the interface makes this very easy.

The game itself also includes several multiplayer features during the game, including gifts and chat. There’s nothing too wild here, but that suits the fast-paced game very well. Otherwise, would have loved to see direct challenges, but that’s not a part of the game. One thing that is very close, though, is that when I compare my stats with another players in the score section, the game allows me to post the graph of our compared scores to my wall, essentially creating a taunt against another player. It’s in good fun and fits with the theme of the game, and certainly adds a little more social to the game.