Game of Thrones Still Has the Best Swag

We don’t know if you guys are crazy excited about the third-season premier of HBO‘s mega-hit Game of Thrones, which is less than a week away — but we are!

You may have heard earlier this year (or in 2011 via our sister site AgencySpy) about how GoT‘s marketing/PR teams are absolutely the best, but we’d like to take a moment to remind you why that’s true (and encourage you to check out this awesome print ad one more time). This year the GoT folks followed up on their promo winning streak and even took it up a notch by sending customized “kits” to various celebrities, aka “opinion leaders”, each of whom seemed to follow up by hyping the show on social:

We’re not sure what’s in these boxes besides Season 1 and 2 DVDs and some other assorted goodies, but does that even matter? And have you checked out the totally awesome Join the Realm site, where you can create your own family arms?

Here’s the lesson of this story:

We get swag on a fairly regular basis from PR pros looking to promote their clients. But we’ve never gotten anything that combined all the awesome elements of this box:

  • It’s personalized
  • It went out to people who have actively declared themselves fans
  • It is something that is genuinely interesting and desirable to its target audience

OK, now we’re irrationally jealous of celebrities for the first time ever. But we’re even more jealous of whoever has an extra $30,000 lying around to buy this life-sized replica of the throne itself, because wow.