Game Insight Shuns iOS for Android, Prepares to Tell Facebook Crime Story

Russian developer Game Insight is probably best known to Western audiences on Facebook for its 6waves-published titles Mystery Manor and Resort World, but its reach goes well beyond that in the international market and now its expanding onto Android with freemium game, Paradise Island (pictured).

Game Insight’s VP of Business Development, Darya Trushkina, reveals to ISG that Paradise Island is currently generating $1 million net revenue — and that’s with neither ads nor offer walls; just pure organic growth. This convinces the developer that there’s no need to build an iOS version, let alone port any of its social games to iOS. Game Insight instead plans to release another Android game based on its newest social game, Crime Story.

Crime Story is currently only available on VKontakte, one of Russia’s most popular social networks. It’s a mafia themed role-playing game with higher-end graphics than Facebook players are used to seeing in Zynga’s Mafia Wars. Trushkina says there’s still about three weeks’ worth of polishing to be done on the game before Game Insight is ready to bring it to other social networks.

The developer learned from launching Mystery Manor on three social networks instead of 25 that it’s better for a game’s grasp to exceed its reach. For example, Trushkina explains that life simulation game Life Story did well for Game Insight on Orkut, but failed to perform on Russian social networks. Its top Facebook game, Mystery Manor, is doing well on just three networks — monetizing surprisingly well on Latvian social network Draugiem.

As of today on Facebook, Game Insight has four independently publishing titles and four published under 6waves (now 6waves Lolapps). The latter four — Mystery Manor, Resort World, Big Business, and Vegas — make up the bulk of the developer’s traffic with a combined 5.1 million monthly active users and over 668,000 daily active users. Going forward, Trushkina says that Game Insight isn’t planning to publish Crime Story for Facebook with 6waves. Given the company’s success on Android and in other social networks with its games, Game Insight now feels ready to go it alone.