Game Insight prepares for battle with Tank Domination on iPad

Image via Game Insight

During a recent event in San Francisco, game developer / publisher Game Insight showed off a first look at its upcoming tank battle game Tank Domination. The game is set in 2023, in a world in all-out global war. Each country wants its share of the Earth’s remaining resources, and they’re all taking to battle in massive upgradable tanks.

Tank Domination is being prepared for release on iPad, and will support up to 10v10 multiplayer matches. Tanks come in four classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses in terms of power and maneuverability. Smaller tanks can move faster, for instance, but are more easily overpowered. Heavy tanks, meanwhile, pack more firepower, but move much slower.

Tank Domination’s control scheme is comprised of dual virtual joysticks. One joystick controls the tank’s forward or backwards momentum, while the other controls the tank’s turret and camera. An autopilot toggle will also allow players to simply send their tank forever forward without the need for the left joystick, so long as immovable obstacles aren’t in the way of the tank.

Even if players have tons of ammunition at the ready, there’s a slight recharge required between each shot, and players may need to re-aim their turret to aim at (presumably) moving targets.

Image via Game Insight

There will be over 30 tanks available at launch, along with lots of upgradeable items including faster treads, a quicker turret and so on. The game will support in-game chat with players around the world, and there already looks to be a hefty amount of monetization options as players can purchase extra equipment right away, instead of earning experience points and currency the long and hard way in battles.

Tank Domination Brand Manager Andrew Park told Inside Mobile Apps that while items will be available for purchase to upgrade tanks, the game is being designed so that “every tank can be useful,” depending on how a player wishes to move about the game. “[Each tank] serves its own purpose. Even if you’re just a beginner, and you have just the starting tanks, you can still jump in and make a difference.”

Image via Game Insight

Furthermore, Park confirmed the team is developing a matchmaking system that will work to pair tanks against those who are more evenly matched.

During our brief time with the game, Tank Domination did look to be visually impressive, but the game is still a long way from completion and release, with the expected bugs and issues to work through before launch.

We’ll bring you more on Tank Domination as the game gets closer to launch this fall on iPad. An Android version of the game is coming later, but no timetable was given for its release.