Game Insight mixes match-three with slot machines in Puzzle Slots on iOS


Tank Domination developer Game Insight has released Puzzle Slots on iOS devices, mixing match-three games with slot machines to create a fast-paced experience for players. As players bet coins on slot machines, they’re encouraged to complete match-three levels to increase their winnings while competing against others.

In the game’s slot machine mode, players can customize the number of active lines per spin, and their bet per line. Each round plays as a tournament among other real-world players, with the slot machine winnings going towards the overall goal for that tournament (say, the first player to reach 2,000 coins wins).

When players win coins, they have the option of heading into the game’s match-three mode to increase those winnings with score multipliers. The faster they make matches, the larger the multiplier, with power-ups and locked symbols increasing the variety of each experience.


The more gamers wager and win, the more unique slot machines they’ll unlock, which offer higher maximum bets and more challenging tournaments.

As is standard with Game Insight’s titles, Puzzle Slots offers a hefty achievement system, giving players goals to shoot for outside of simply winning coins, and social features like sending gifts to friends. Players can also connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts to the game for free coins, and to share their progress with friends going forward.

Puzzle Slots is now available to download for free on iOS, and offers coins for in-app purchase. The game is also in development for Android and the web. You can follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.