Game Insight invites players to paradise with Sunshine Bay on Facebook

Image via Game Insight

Casual game developer and publisher Game Insight has released its newest title on Facebook: Sunshine Bay. Developed by Road 404, the game challenges players with creating a bustling resort on a tropical island while managing its economy.

Sunshine Bay asks players to balance the use of a variety of resources, including coins, fuel and travelers. Homes can be built on the island to produce more travelers over time, and a boat dock can be used to manufacture new cruise ships that will take those travelers on voyages. Fuel is required to power ships, and can be spent in bulk to speed up the time required for those ships to return.

The game’s quest system guides players through their island’s progression, while social features allow users to visit other players’ resorts and complete five tasks while there. These actions produce extra fuel and coins, continuing the cycle of progression. Players can spend coins on decorations and buildings for the island, but many are level-locked until they’ve earned the required amount of experience points.

In addition to sending their own ships, players will also quickly gain access to neighboring yachts that may wish to dock on their piers to unload and refuel. Players must strategize before letting these yachts dock, as they take longer to leave and may delay the progress of their own ships.

Image via Game Insight

Sunshine Bay comes with multiple opportunities for monetization, as players can purchase coins and Cash, the game’s premium currency, and can then turn those items into additional fuel, as one example.

Sunshine Bay is currently growing, and has over 562,000 monthly active users (MAU) according to AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers. The game has 55,000 daily active users, and has gained 49,000 MAU in the last seven days. It’s available to play for free on Facebook.