Game Insight brings Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest to Windows Phone


Windows Phone gamers have a new option for free-to-play entertainment, as mobile and social game company Game Insight has announced the launch of Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest for Windows Phone devices. Developed by innoWate Studio, creators of the My Country series, Cloud Raiders takes players to a kingdom in the sky and challenges them to defend their floating land from pirates, monsters and other players around the world.

With this release, Cloud Raiders has also received a major update, allowing gamers to form in-game clans. This feature allows users to have “constant contact” with their in-game friends, who can help each other out by sending troops to clan members. Each player’s successful raids will give points to the whole clan, so members can work together to give their clan a boost within the global community.

As players construct their sky fortress, they’ll defend it with cannons, traps, magical artifacts and more. Users will need to be prepared for raiding parties sent by enemy players, with this Windows Phone release offering cross-platform play against users on any other supported mobile device.

Cloud Raiders is now available to download for free on Windows Phone. The game was previously released on Google Play, and is also available on Facebook.

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