Game Insight announces The Tribez & Castlez for mobile, Facebook


Mobile and social game developer and publisher Game Insight has announced The Tribez & Castlez, the upcoming medieval sequel to the company’s popular tropical city-builder The Tribez (our review).

Developed by Divo Games, The Tribez & Castlez will see players sent to another world after a scientific experiment goes awry. This new land is filled with magical beings, dragons and werewolves, and players must help a local named Prince Eric rebuild and protect his kingdom from evil.

Both the Professor and Princess Aurora return from the original Tribez game, and will help players build and upgrade magic towers to protect the kingdom’s villagers from enemies called Gobools, Trollums and more. Players will be able to develop the world with sawmills, factories and farms, as well as raising and breeding animals like pigs and sheep.


As players expand into the world, they’ll uncover ruins of abandoned castles, will find mysterious artifacts and may even encounter a beautiful princess, as is standard in fairytale lore. A collection system will see players collecting hundreds of rare items to add to their treasury, and friends can be added as allies to make faster progress.

The Tribez & Castlez is bring developed for iOS, Android and Facebook, and will be released “in early 2014.” Check back soon for more, and watch the game’s official trailer below for a teaser of what to expect.