Game Insight announces Sunshine Bay for iPad

Image via Game Insight

Tank Domination developer Game Insight has officially announced Sunshine Bay for iPad. The game is a mobile version of the Facebook game, released earlier this year. Sunshine Bay sees players building a bustling seaside resort, while also managing the ships that come in and out of their ports.

Players in Sunshine Bay start with a very small resort community, with only a few businesses and homes. Players collect resources like passengers and coins from their buildings, and then use those resources to send passengers on pleasure cruises to complete quests, or to continue the cycle of building new structures on the island.

The more docks and hotels players build, the more ships they’ll be able to send out and receive at once, and the more money they’ll earn in the process. Recreation centers and other luxury accommodations can be built on the island to attract even more tourists, and players can visit their friends’ resorts for some light social play.

Aside from building the resort, players in Sunshine Bay will discover the island’s secrets using treasure maps, and may even engage a sea monster or two along the way. Sunshine Bay will be released on iPad later this year, with the game’s trailer (above) indicating an Android version is also in development.

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