Game Insight announces Hotel Enigma hidden object game for iOS, Facebook

Image via Game Insight

Mobile and social game developer and publisher Game Insight has today announced its next upcoming hidden object game, Hotel Enigma, which is set to launch on both iPad and Facebook. Hotel Enigma sees players checking into a quiet inn in the hills of Ireland, where things quickly turn mysterious after someone is kidnapped.

Hotel Enigma will see players searching the rooms of the hotel across multiple realities, after it’s discovered that the missing stranger owns a suitcase capable of opening a doorway between worlds.

Image via Game Insight

Like Mirrors of Albion and Love and Dragons, two other Game Insight hidden object games, Hotel Enigma will see players collecting items across a variety of different hidden object scenes, and within multiple gameplay modes. Players will be able to use hints to help them find hidden objects and over 130 collectibles, which are used to complete quests and unlock bonuses.

Further details about the game are still under wraps, but we do know that Hotel Enigma will feature an achievements system to keep players forever pushing forward.

Hotel Engima is set to launch on iPad and Facebook later this year. The game’s website and trailer reveal that an Android version is also in the works. Watch the trailer below and check back soon for more.