Game Insight announces hidden object game Incredible Heist for iPad


Mobile and social games company Game Insight has announced its latest hidden object game for mobile devices, Incredible Heist. The game is currently in development for iPad, and takes players to a world filled with conmen, grifters and jewel thieves. Gamers will search through hidden treasure piles, open locks and solve puzzles while creating their own team of hustlers.

In Incredible Heist, players start as an amateur con man, asked to help his mentor steal priceless treasures in a trip around the world. While the game is a hidden object game at its core, players will also be challenged with completing mini-games as they become a top thief.

Like Game Insight’s previous hidden object games, including Mirrors of Albion, Incredible Heist is set to offer a hefty collections feature, with over 50 unique collections in all. Plus, players will collect mysterious artifacts known as Cryptexes. These items will lead players through the story, revealing information about an ancient Thieves Guild, whose influence previously spread throughout the world.

“We’re very excited about announcing our latest hidden object game, Incredible Heist, for iPad,” said Sarah Teng, Director of Marketing & PR at Game Insight North America. “Though Game Insight is known for producing one of the most successful hidden object games of all time, Mystery Manor, Incredible Heist ups the ante with a globetrotting crime drama plot and extra minigames that continue reinventing the hidden-object genre.”

Incredible Heist will release on iPad soon, and is also in development for Facebook. Check out the game’s trailer above, and check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.