Game Change Authors Talk Reporting, Reaction To Their Book

John Heilemann, Joe Scarborough and Mark Halperin last night (Photo by Joseph Moran)

Last night, we went to the Time & Life Building to see best selling authors Mark Halperin of Time magazine and John Heilemann of New York chat with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough about their political book, Game Change.

In between lots of insider baseball talk about the Democratic and Republican party leaders and the 2008 election process, Heileman and Halperin revealed some interesting info about the reporting in their game-changing nonfiction tome (pun intended).

On the accuracy of quotes from off-the-record sources:

Heilemann said all the facts in the book are double and triple sourced, and the authors frequently went to those on the same side of the story to verify facts. For example, have a tip that Sarah Palin didn’t know why there are two Koreas? Ask a loyalist in her camp if it’s true. They were “extremely scrupulous,” Heilemann added.

“Important question,” Scarborough asked Halerpin. “Why are there two Koreas?”

“Variety?” Halperin said.

(Photo by Joseph Moran)

On whether anyone has called complaining about inaccuracies:

“Literally no one,” Halperin said.

What’s more, Elizabeth Edwards, who is depicted in a pretty harsh light, in Game Change recently told a reporter that she had read the book and everything about her was accurate.

On who they would want to star in the movie version of Game Change:

Will Smith as Barack Obama and Meryl Streep as Hillary Clinton, natch.

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