‘Game Change’ Author Halperin To PR: Know ‘When To Fight And When To Let Go’

[Photo by Joseph Moran]

Reporters typically don’t like to call out public relations people for doing their job well, so when we asked “Game Change” co-author Mark Halperin which of the 2008 presidential campaigns had the best communications team, we were a bit surprised when he responded, “they were all really good” and added, “I’m not just saying that.”

PRNewser attended the New York launch event for the book last night, which reveals all of the behind the scenes action of the 2008 presidential campaign and is currently the number one best seller on Amazon.com. The event featured the two authors, TIME‘s Mark Halperin and New York‘s John Heilemann, who were interviewed by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

When asked about what makes a political communications team successful, Halperin said “understanding how the media works.”

“You can’t call network news at 6:20 p.m. and say you have their lead story for the night. That has happened before,” said Halperin, when he was at ABC’s “World News Tonight.”

Also, communications people need to know “when to fight and when to let go” he said, adding that “honesty” is the most important quality to have.

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