Gambling Games Show Some Growth On This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

Role-playing games lost some ground in our list of top 20 emerging games on Facebook, but Hollywood industry RPG FameTown was able to grab the top spot. Going farther down the list, we’re pleasantly surprised to see THQ’s UFC Undisputed: Fight Nation clawing its way up to number three only a week after its official launch. Give our ongoing interest in brand integration with social games, UFC Undisputed is definitely one to watch in the coming weeks. Other than that, we see a healthy smattering of gambling-themed games covering everything from slots to poker. Much as we’d like to draw a correlation to the FBI crackdown on the three largest online poker websites last Friday to the apparent growth in this genre, most established poker and gambling social games saw no discernible impact in the seven days following the shutdowns.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. FameTown808,123+190,037+31%
2. King.com865,661+175,302+25%
3. UFC Undisputed Fight Nation Game418,437+154,908+59%
4. Game-Athanaton-De459,671+122,149+36%
5. Flutter583,539+120,176+26%
6. Miner Speed784,448+116,490+17%
7. World Series Superstars: Baseball with MLB teams!312,076+113,398+57%
8. Monster Hero303,720+103,768+52%
9. Deep Realms546,226+100,283+22%
10. Boss Vegas396,925+97,193+32%
11. CROWDPARK – Betting Game395,819+84,411+27%
12. Slot City355,366+80,586+29%
13. Poker Star245,356+79,858+48%
14. Footbo City383,421+78,362+26%
15. Fortune Stones378,189+78,079+26%
16. Temple of Mahjong327,744+70,802+28%
17. Bizim Çiftlik697,212+63,314+10%
18. Puzzle Saga453,520+60,565+15%
19. Home Fest185,406+57,398+45%
20. Sanalika403,357+56,063+16%