Gallup Poll: Americans Have Little Confidence in The Media

The media is simply not trusted. That’s the conclusion of a new Gallup poll released today measuring the public’s confidence in various organizations.
The poll showed that newspapers only had a 25 percent confidence rating among Americans, while television news fell just behind at a 22 percent confidence rating. To put those terrible numbers in perspective, banks inspire more confidence in Americans than television news by one percentage point, and trail newspapers by only 2 percentage points. Maybe the media industry does need a bailout.
Both institutions fall well below “the medical system,” the presidency and the criminal justice system.
The only real redeeming piece of news from this poll is that newspapers’ confidence rating didn’t drop this year. In 2009, the institution also had a 25 percent confidence rate. Television news dropped by 1 percent in 2010.
I guess it could be worse; at least the media industry is not as bad as Congress. The Gallup poll showed the Legislative Branch coming in dead last amongst trusted institutions, with a confidence rating of an amazing 11 percent.