GalleyCat’s Jason Boog Takes Over The Menu

GalleyCat editor Jason Boog debuted as the host of’s Morning Media Menu today, welcoming editorial director Rebecca Fox to discuss today’s hot topics in media.

On deck today: the ongoing Iran coverage and Twitter’s role in it, especially how the mainstream media is citing facts from Twitter without verification and whether this is a good or bad thing. Also, Rebecca and Jason discuss news of New York Times reporter David Rohde’s harrowing escape from his Taliban captors in Afghanistan and the revelation that the Times had kept the story quiet for months.

“In the interim and well before the past seven months during which David Rhode was being held hostage, the Times has gone ahead and covered or reported on other abductions, other similar captures and…it kind of begs the question..what do we make of the fact that it could effectively muzzle other outlets from basically reporting and covering the news?” Rebecca said.

Lastly, Jason and Rebecca discuss today’s in-depth article in The New York Times about Boston Globe negotiations.

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