Galaxy Life Nears Critical Mass on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

Digital Chocolate’s Galaxy Life maintains the lead and prepares to exit our list of emerging Facebook games this week, with just 30,000 monthly active users to go before it breaks the critical 1 million mark.

As we come closer to the new year, our methods for defining emerging Facebook games are likely to change. With more games on the platform and a new ecosystem of social discovery and viral growth, the numbers that we use to define “emerging” (between 500,000 MAU and 1 million MAU) may no longer paint an accurate pictures of the games that are likely to maintain long term growth. Rather, we may gain more insight into a game’s potential by examining it’s daily active user thresholds (say, between 150,000 DAU and 300,000 DAU) or by viewing a game’s MAU growth as a percentage of its overall size.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

1.  Galaxy Life970,000+290,000+ 43%
2.  Men vs Women900,000+260,000+ 41%
3.  Bayou Blast620,000+210,000+ 51%
4.  GodsWar: El Mejor 3D Juego De Fantasía170,000+160,000+ 1,600%
5.  Slots Farm – Slot Machines990,000+120,000+ 14%
6.  Mission Impossible380,000+110,000+ 41%
7.  Animal Land210,000+90,000+ 75%
8.  Chef Quest300,000+80,000+ 36%
9.  Storage Wars: The Game600,000+80,000+ 15%
10.  Triviador Mundo280,000+80,000+ 40%
11.  Puzzle Adventures290,000+70,000+ 32%
12.  WeTopia300,000+70,000+ 30%
13.  Bopler Games, Play with hits!270,000+60,000+ 29%
14.  King’s Bounty: Legions130,000+60,000+ 86%
15.  TubeHero910,000+60,000+ 8%
16.  Family Feud Freemium – Signup300,000+50,000+ 20%
17.  GameGround430,000+50,000+ 13%
18.  Edgeworld600,000+40,000+ 7%
19.  Ninja Saga (Español)690,000+40,000+ 6%
20.  World Golf Tour game120,000+40,000+ 50%