Galaxy Factions: Build and defend a mining operation in outer space on Google Play


Coco Entertainment and Faceroll Games have announced the launch of sci-fi combat strategy game Galaxy Factions on Google Play. Originally released on iOS last fall, the free-to-play game sees players taking over their own base in outer space, expanding their mining operations to collect resources, training military units to protect the base and assault enemy units and more.

Galaxy Factions features both level-based single player combat and online multiplayer. Players can engage in combat to earn additional resources, with the game’s single player mode seeing players earn stars as they complete certain tasks during each attack. These may include stealing a certain amount of resources or causing a set amount of damage within a battle’s time limit.

Online combat has a similar design, but players may need to retreat if they haven’t brought enough troops to deal with the defenses another player has constructed.

Back at base, players will need to spend some of their resources to train new attack units, or build defensive weapons to protect the base from other players. New items require both builders and time to construct, but players can purchase additional builders or speed up the construction with Matterium, the game’s premium currency.


The game’s social features also include both global and alliance-level chat systems, and the ability to add friends through Facebook connect.

This new Android version of Galaxy Factions connects with the players on iOS, so new users have an instant community to interact with. The game is now available to download for free on Google Play. You can follow the game’s progress on our app and developer tracking service AppData.