Gail Simmons: ‘The Food Industry Now Means So Many Things’

Catching up to a great interview published before the holidays.

GailSimmonsTopChefIt seems like a perfect alignment of media ingredients. Gail Simmons, star of Bravo’s Top Chef (pictured), profiled and interviewed by an outlet named WTOP.

From a FishbowlNY point of view, it’s even more delicious that the history of D.C.-area FM radio station WTOP tracks back to origins in Brooklyn in the 1920s. WTOP Living editor Rachel Nania gathered all kinds of fascinating tidbits from Simmons, a graduate of Montreal’s McGill University, for her recent piece. Including this observation about why the restaurant industry has been traditionally so male-dominated:

Simmons says it’s no surprise that the restaurant world was — and still is — predominantly male. It’s biological.

Restaurants are open evenings, weekends and holidays, making the job difficult for women who want to have a family.

“It’s very hard to nurse a baby and to work seven nights a week out of the house,” Simmons said. …

“Because the food industry now means so many different things, it has opened up so many avenues for women. And I think it will continue to do so,” said Simmons, 40.

Simmons also retraces in the article how she went from food writing to culinary school, and back again. She hosted a recent event in Washington honoring “Ten Women to Watch.” See who those equally talented folks are, here.

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