Gaga Gets 10M Fans, the World Cup and Music on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Pages

Our list of Top 20 Facebook Pages, complied by our PageData tool counting the number of fans added to a Page daily, was a mixed bag this week. Lady Gaga was the first person on Facebook to get 10 million fans, beating out President Barack Obama — and Vin Diesel. The World Cup was also had an impact on the list this week, as did music and entertainment generally.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. Cristiano Ronaldo 6,690,242 +1,189,083 +21.62
2. Lady Gaga 10,425,332 +1,153,117 +12.44
3. The Twilight Saga 7,900,193 +1,083,684 +15.90
4. Michael Jackson 14,634,326 +1,079,729 +7.97
5. Facebook 11,410,679 +1,038,777 +10.02
6. Family Guy 10,668,995 +908,870 +9.31
7. Vin Diesel 10,098,838 +897,593 +9.76
8. Justin Bieber 6,391,863 +789,503 +14.09
9. Eminem 5,539,299 +764,544 +16.01
10. House 8,462,804 +764,210 +9.93
11. Starbucks 9,059,490 +729,448 +8.76
12. Red Bull 5,355,141 +712,299 +15.34
13. Linkin Park 6,952,997 +673,363 +10.72
14. Shakira 3,750,454 +661,278 +21.41
15. Drake 3,292,609 +613,145 +22.88
16. Metallica 5,596,526 +595,626 +11.91
17. Barack Obama 9,818,123 +595,297 +6.45
18. Megan Fox 8,350,152 +591,736 +7.63
19. David Guetta 4,143,394 +585,982 +16.47
20. Toy Story 2,434,630 +583,723 +31.54

Gaga came in second place this week, with 10.4 million fans thanks to an addition of 1.1 5million over the past week. Portuguese football (soccer) star Cristiano Ronaldo came in first place, adding 1.18 million fans this week to his 6.6 million total; aside from playing in the World Cup he also recently announced that he’d fathered a child.

There were a few movies on the list, including third place The Twilight Saga, which added 1 million fans to its Page to come in just under 8 million with 7.9 million fans; the latest installment of the teen vampire franchise is currently in theaters. “Toy Story” was also on the list this week, adding 583,700 fans to take the number 20 spot on the list. We wrote about Disney’s move to sell tickets to “Toy Story 3” right on Facebook recently.

Musicians made up about half of the list. Michael Jackson took fourth place with 1 million new fans and 14.6 million total. Justin Bieber took the number 8 spot, adding 789,500 fans to 6.3 million — he’s been promoting new singles and videos lately. Rapper Eminem came in ninth, adding 764,500 fans to reach 5.5 million by promoting his new album on Facebook. Linkin Park took the number 13 spot, adding 673,300 fans, having recently shared photos of the band working on their next album on Facebook.

Shakira came in at 14, adding 661,300 fans to reach 3.7 on Facebook; this was partly due to the fact that she’s the singer of the World Cup anthem and videos of the accompanying dance have been popular on YouTube. She’s also finishing up her next album and has announced a European tour. Drake took the number 15 spot, adding 613, 100 fans to reach a 3.2 million audience; he’s promoting a new album. Metallica followed at 16, adding 595,600 fans to boast a total of 5.5 million; the band is currently on a world tour. Finally, French musician David Guetta added 586,000 fans to 4.1 million to take number 19 on the list this week; his next album is being heavily marketed in the U.S. and comes out in August.

A few big brands were on the list this week. Facebook in fifth place, adding 1 million fans to reach 11.4 million. Then came Starbucks at number 11, adding 729,500 fans to surpass 9 million, perhaps partially due to the introduction of a new instant iced coffee product. Red Bull followed in twelfth place, adding 712,300 fans, now with 5.3 million, mostly with sports updates.

Television shows and public figures rounded out the list.

Family Guy” came in sixth place, adding 908,900 fans, accumulating a total of 10.6 million with only one update promoting the show’s iPhone app. “House” was tenth this week, adding 764,200 fans to grow to 8.4 million, most recently updating Facebook with news of the upcoming season’s plot.

Then there was Vin Diesel in seventh place, adding 897,600 fans to pass 10 million. President Barack Obama at number 17, adding 595,300 fans to come to 9.8 million and Megan Fox at 18, who added 591,700 fans to grow to 8.3 million.

This week it took between 583,723 and 1.18 million fans to gain admission to the Top 20 Facebook Pages, a rather high bar, considering we don’t usually see millions of users added in a single week.