AP Confirms Knish Catastrophe

Across the country today, under the byline of AP writers Frank Eltman and Verena Dobnik, newspaper readers are catching up to some unfortunate food news.


A late September fire at Gabila Food Products Inc. in Copiague, NY on Long Island has decimated the supply side of knish economics. The 92-year-old manufacturer typically sells about 15 million knishes a year:

Kvetching has been going on at delis, diners, food carts and groceries since the six-week-long shortage began, but lovers of the square, fried, doughy pillows of pureed potatoes may not have to go without much longer. The factory promises an end to the knish crunch by Thanksgiving, which coincides with the start of Hanukkah.

The AP writers got a bunch of quotes from disrupted shop owners and customers. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but this one is pretty good:

“I usually get four to take home,” grumbled Brooklyn native Forrest Gurl. “Their crunchiness, their hard corners, the mustard and sauerkraut you put on them. You can’t beat a knish.”

For this Forrest and many others, life is definitely not at the moment like a bag of knishes. Son of a… [kuh-NISH]!

[H/T: Pam Grady]