Another Facebook App for iPad Is Growing: Touch HD

Facebook Touch HDUntil Facebook completes a tablet-formatted version of the site, users have to make do with client applications created by third-party developers. And they have been — so far, they’ve been flocking to Friendly for Facebook and TheFacepad, which as of today each have a little under one million monthly active users apiece.

However, an older Facebook-for-iOS app, named Facebook Touch HD has also been seeing some solid gains recently. With its average monthly active user account having been below the 50,000 mark for most of its lifespan, the app has suddenly increased to over 212,000, with daily active users rising to above 90,000, according to AppData.

Having been released months ago, this customizable, third party Facebook application from G-Whizz! Apps, comes with all the functionality one would expect to find in, Facebook’s in-house mobile browser. But it also comes with chat, photo uploading, changeable fonts, color palettes and other features not available in Facebook’s browser.

ChatThe app supports a background chat system. Chat alerts will prompt whenever someone sends the user a message, and a whole separate chat window is available to respond to friends. In addition to this, users are able to quickly access and upload any photos that are saved to their iDevice, and with the new 1.3.2 update released recently, they can now go around harassing friends with the new “Poke!” feature.

The real draw to Touch HD is still the customization. This isn’t terribly new to the application itself, but users can dramatically change elements such the user interface and font settings. This goes beyond just picking colors, as the app actually allows the player to manipulate color pickers and sliders to adjust things such as size, saturation, and brightness.

Unfortunately, the app still feels a little bit buggy and confusing. Only once does it note that the user can customize their interface by tapping the Facebook icon at the top of the screen, but with the following prompt, none of these customization options appeared no matter how many times we tapped the settings icon, forcing us to stick with the basic red UI.

SlidersAdditionally, the app has recently added other features and improvements to basic elements such as viewing friend Birthdays, better chat and full-screen photo viewing. However, these mechanics are only helpful in retaining users, which is evidently working as the app is currently keeping over 40% of its user base. A main reason this app has begun growing rapidly appears to be that it is advertising an 80% off sale. As it stands, the game only costs $0.99 for either iPhone and iPad.

With a distinct lack of quality third party Facebook apps for tablets, the overall look and feel Facebook Touch HD is enough to differentiate itself enough for the market. At least for now.