G-Force! Glamour.com Takes Up With iGoogle

Glamour has long been the sole fashion magazine in the Conde Nast stable to demonstrate an real interest in establishing itself on the Web. Meaning! That instead of using their website primarily as a subscription service they do other things too! To wit: Glamocracy the political blog they launched to cover the election last year, and Storked. And now they are taking it one step further reports today’s WSJ:

Beginning Wednesday, iGoogle, which allows users to create a custom version of the Google home page with select regions of content, or “gadgets,” will begin hosting a gadget for Glamour.com. The Glamour.com gadget potentially opens the site to an audience of tens of millions of iGoogle users….Glamour now has five full-time digital staffers, which is a lot considering a year ago Glamour.com was run by one person in a cubicle, said Cindi Leive, Glamour‘s editor-in-chief. “And it was a very small cubicle,” Ms. Leive said.