FYI: You Don’t Know Everything

Ask Anna O’Brien, former VP of social media for Citibank North America for some social media tips and she’ll tell you to keep this in mind:

1. Staying Power: Remember that anything you say on social media lives on; it’s public and permanent, and you should make decisions on what you share knowing it’ll always exist.

2. Branding: Be smart … your private brand now affects your company brand. You are no longer separate from your company, especially in PR.

3. Knowing It All: You never know everything, so you can’t walk in pretending you know everything, especially with regard to social media, because nobody knows everything.

O’Brien was one of the presenters at a Financial Services Social Communications Leadership Forum this morning at New York University’s Midtown campus. Now a director of social media at a UK agency, she reminds public relations experts of the need to focus on the brand rather than the individuals. “There’s a general thought of ‘let’s have influencers and let’s be thought leaders,’ but you have to bring it back to the brand,” she said. “Always bring it back to the brand.”

Good advice. She also notes the importance of optimizing content to get picked up in Google News and Google Blog Search, and of writing all content “with your PR objectives in mind.”