FYI WSJ: More Than Just EVO Shortage Affecting Sprint 4G Plans

The Wall Street Journal speculates that the lack of the Android-based HTC EVO is creating a problem for Sprint’s efforts to push its rebranded Clear WiMax 4G wireless data service.

Shortages of Phone Hindering Sprint 4G

However, I think there are other factors to consider too:

– The mandatory additional $10 per month cost for 4G wireless data service
– Spotty 4G service availability
– Questionable speed gains when comparing 4G to 3G wireless data service
– Possible higher battery drain associated with 4G data use

In my experience, Sprint’s 3G wireless data service is widely available with good downstream data speed. The Clear provided WiMax 4G, on the other hand, was spotty at best when trying to use it with a Sprint Overdrive. A co-worker who just bought a Sprint (HTC) Evo noted similar 4G service issues and opted to force 3G-only access.