FYI, Oxford English Dictionary Adds New Words. LOL!

The Oxford English Dictionary took a few steps forward yesterday in their apparent quest to destroy the English language with the addition of several new words.

Among the additions are “OMG” (oh my God), “LOL” (laugh out loud), and “FYI” (for your information). The internet slang terms join others already part of the dictionary, including “BFF” (best friends forever) and “TMI” (too much information). Though you’d think these words are fairly new to the English language as a result of the Internet, Oxford says otherwise:

OED’s research has revealed some unexpected historical  perspectives: our first quotation for OMG is from a personal letter from 1917; the letters LOL had a previous life, starting in 1960, denoting an elderly woman (or ‘little old lady’; see LOL n./1); and the entry for FYI [FYI phr., adj., and n.], for example, shows it originated in the language of memoranda in 1941.”

Also added: “muffin top,” “couch surfing,” and “la-la land.” And, for the first time ever, a symbol makes it into the dictionary: the heart symbol.

So next time an editor tells you that you can’t use LOL in a story (*cough* Betsy *cough*), let them know you can. LOL.