Future History: “Mobile Windows 8″=Windows 7, Windows Phone 7=Vista, Windows Mobile 6=XP

I’ve said it before (specifically last month Feb. 26)

So, Windows Phone 7 = Vista, Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition = XP

and I’ll say it again: Windows Phone 7 Series will be remembered in the way Windows Vista is remembered today: A poorly executed release that needed to be replaced with something better. I hope Mobile Windows 8 (my prediction for Microsoft’s next mobile rebranding) will play the role that Windows 7 does today: The fix for a bad product.

In the meantime, Windows Mobile 6.5 will play the role of Windows XP: The old boring but reliable workhorse that gets the job done.

Via TG Daily: Microsoft says it won’t abandon Windows Mobile 6.5

Personally, I prefer Windows Mobile 6.1. Having played with 6.5 for a while, I’ve decided not to upgrade my Touch Pro2.