Video: Jesse Schnell Looks At The Future of Facebook Games

Carnegie Mellon University Professor and Gaming Industry Veteran Jesse Schnell discusses Facebook games, virtual goods, a new style of development and the next era of game design and development. The presentation, entitled “Design Outside the Box” was given at the D.I.C.E. (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) Summit 2010 in Las Vegas, and has been virally spreading around the web.

Here are some interesting areas that Jesse covers:

  • Facebook Games have snuck up on the games industry.
  • There are more Farmville users than Twitter users.
  • How important are offers versus direct payment?
  • Facebook Games are successful because they are breaking into reality.
  • Authenticity and reality are important to games.

Just as a personal opinion, this video is truly a fascinating look at Facebook Games. When Jesse gets into discussing the reality that we seek from social networks, I think he really taps on the reason that social games are an incredible force. It’s more than just the gameplay, it’s the real-world benefit of the social interactions you have on these games. Posting on a wall is great, but sending a gift to a friend to help them build something they’re working on is a meaningful connection.

The video can be seen here.