Fusion Digs Up Trump Cartoon Series Drawings

Trump Takeover was mocked up in Long Island and India.

Freelance journalist Penn Bullock, who is based in Brooklyn, has uncorked a pair* of fun Trump pieces for Fusion. The first examines how The Donald’s partnership with a magazine publisher may have abetted a classic pump-and-dump penny stock scheme in 2007. The second is all about a prospective cartoon series that was envisioned during that same period. Bullock for this second piece worked with Fusion investigative reporter Deirdra Funcheon.


The TV show was tentatively titled Trump Takeover. It was conceived by Mitchell Schultz together with pal Louis Cimino:

Schultz went so far as to have some drawings commissioned by a Long Island advertising agency called Creativity Zone, which sketched images of Trump on the Capitol steps.

[Michael] Jacobson, the Trump magazine publisher, loved the concept so much that he paid Schultz for the rights to develop it, Schultz says. They turned to another illustrator to create a pilot for the TV show. That artist—Elizabeth Koshy of California-in turn hired artists in her home country, India.

Koshy says the project hit a wall [pun intended] when Jacobson paid only two-thirds of the $9,000 agreed upon for the initial work. Although her firm did not keep any of the artwork they created, Fusion has a bunch of the Creativity Zone stills. Check them out here.

*Editor’s Note (Oct. 26):
When we wrote the item, Bullock’s byline was on both articles. Today, it has been removed from the Trump Takeover piece. Probably a simple, clerical error.

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