Fusion Animated Series Takes Bite Out of BuzzFeed

An imagined editorial meeting that is probably not too far off the real ones

Just in time for the blizzard, Fusion has dumped all over BuzzFeed.

The very funny clip above is a preview of Like, Share, Die, an animated sketch show premiering Thursday at 10:30 p.m. on Fusion TV. The 20-episode run of 15-minute installments is powered by the folks at YouTube purveyor Mondo Media.

Since we hate spoilers, even minor ones, we’ll simply tell you that even when you try to quit BuzzFeed, it can come back to bite you in the listicle. VO job well done by Andrew Racho, Michael Moon, Kellen Goff, Inessa Frantowski and Lindsay Ames.

Update (January 27):
Per our Adweek colleague Alfred Maskeroni, the perception that Fusion was taking a direct shot at BuzzFeed prompted the company to change the title of the video above (from “20 Reasons You Shouldn’t Work at BuzzFeed”) and post the following explainer:

We changed the headline on this post because we realize the previous version was lame. We love our friends at BuzzFeed and the work they do every day. We do think Ben Smith would look good with a mustache.