Fusion Hires a Shark Correspondent

It's going to be a hell of a business card.

Madison Stewart’s Twitter handle is @SharkGirlMadi. And her Twitter page background image looks like this:

In other words, she was probably the single and only HR consideration for what now amounts to the July 4 weekend barbecue conversation-stopper: “Me? I am Fusion’s new shark correspondent.” Here’s the full memo from president and chief content officer Daniel Eilemberg:


If we strive to be a voice for the voiceless, that also means being a voice for nature, animals and those who are fighting to protect their existence. Nico Ibarguen, who serves as the environmental correspondent for both FUSION and Univision, is a rare breed himself as we are not seeing news organizations or networks dedicate the time or resources to covering the environment. I can’t name another correspondent at a major network dedicated to reporting on the environment full-time. This does a disservice to the audience and the ecosystem we all benefit from.

We know young people are not only interested in, but care deeply about the world around them. I am proud of the several projects we have done over the past year and we are only just getting started. We are going to be expanding our coverage of the environment under the Project Earth brand, focusing on four key areas: Oceans, Extinction, Climate Change, and Food Sustainability. This is going to be a cross-platform effort that will range from social content to documentaries to VR experiences to in-person expeditions that will span the Fusion Media Group.

As we ramp up, I am excited to announce that Madison Stewart is joining FUSION’s Project Earth as our shark correspondent (which I think is an industry first). Madison will be working closely with Nico on our coverage of the oceans, with a specific focus on sharks. Some of you might remember Madison from our RiseUp event in D.C. in 2014 or from our SharkLand doclast year.

The ocean is the environment’s life support system and sharks are essential to keeping our oceans healthy. Unfortunately we face a sad reality: 95% of most species of shark populations are already gone and we slaughter 100 million of them every year. Part of the problem is that what most Americans know about sharks is limited to media coverage of shark attacks, which are usually laced with sensationalism, playing off people’s fear to drive ratings and clicks as opposed to providing facts and context.

Madison will work to shine a light on facts, myths, discoveries, and controversies surround the world’s shark population. She will bring her passionate voice to FUSION’s cross-platform coverage as well as Univision. Watch Nico’s recent piece where he went free-diving with sharks and reflected on their recent struggles to survive and the piece Madison did where she provides a lesson on swimming with sharks.

In the coming months we will look to link up with a range of partners (other interested news outlets, artists, philanthropists, etc.) to bring important stories about the environment and the world we live in to broader audiences. Information is power and we want to empower our audience stories that with inspire them to create positive change so we can have a thriving planet for generations to come.

If you have ideas please do not hesitate to reach out to Nico and please help me in welcoming Madison to the FUSION team.

Stewart started in May and is based in Brisbane, Australia.

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