Fusion Is Your Tech Media Company to Watch

fusion logo

Today in Media Trends, Fusion has become an outlet to watch in the weeks and months ahead for anyone working in the tech/startup sectors.

Not familiar with Fusion? That’s understandable — in the past we may have confused it with the Canadian version of MTV. But the cable channel, created by a partnership between Disney/ABC TV and Univision, just turned one year old and made a slew of big hires that hints at its ambitions to lead the crowded tech news space:

If you have clients in tech, these people just got a lot more important. You should probably click on their names and follow them all on Twitter if you don’t already.

The ball really got rolling back in May when the organization picked up Margarita Noriega, former editor and runner of live events at Reuters, as its social media director. On Friday, Fusion’s biggest hiring round to date seemed to come to a close with the addition of Kevin Roose, most recently an author/tech reporter at New York magazine.

The big reveal, according to the press release from Fusion on Friday afternoon, will be a show about tech produced and hosted by Madrigal and co-produced/managed by Roose.

Fusion is Univision’s first English-language venture and ABC’s third attempt to establish its own cable channel a la CNN. It’s aimed at “English-speaking millennials, including those of a Hispanic background,” or every single contemporary client’s sweet spot. And its content to date has provided a mix of serious reporting with a bit of BuzzFeed-style irreverence.

On Friday, Madrigal spoke to Re\code about the coming show, saying:

“A lot of fun has gone out of technology reporting across the board and we want to put that back in…we’re definitely not the tech press.

We want to make TV that doesn’t look like any TV right now.”

Finally, Fusion’s PR department just launched its own Twitter account and may or may not have followed some members of your editorial team over the weekend.

In other words, it’s something we should all watch very closely.