Fusion Gets $30 Million in Financing

Its parent companies show some love.

Fusion, the TV network/news site for millennials, has just received a vote of confidence from its co-owners. According to The New York Post, Disney and Univision have promised Fusion $30 million in additional financing.

Launched in 2013, Fusion expanded rapidly last year. As it grew, the company added plenty of talent. Some of the more notable names that joined Fusion last year included Anna Holmes, a founder of Jezebel; Jane Spencer, from The Daily Beast; Dodai Stewart, from Jezebel; and Alexis Madrigal, from The Atlantic.

Fusion’s latest big news is that it will co-produce Vergaraland, a series about Sofia Vergara’s life that will debut on Snapchat. In other words, yes, you’re too old for Fusion.

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