Further Nook Delays Vex Nook Buyers


Merry Christmas. If you ordered a Nook and were told it would arrive by 12/18 in time to put under the tree, Barnes & Noble now promises it may or may not get there by the 24th. If Santa made guarantees like that, he’d be out of business.

On friday, Barnes & Noble posted a notice on its eBook Help Board blog that said, “All customers in the original Dec. 18 group will receive an email tonight with information about their orders.” The post went on to explain that “Most of these customers will be told that their nook will arrive by Dec. 24, as originally promised.” Others, the post said, will receive a note stating that B&N is merely “aiming” to get the Nook there by the 24th. “Because we know that some of these orders are gifts,” B&N says, “we are sending all of these customers a nook Holiday Certificate that they can use if they need to,” meaning if the Nook doesn’t arrive. Ironic that a device meant to replace the paper book should be replaced by paper.

For those unlucky buyers who are stuck with a paper Nook for Christmas, B&N says, “will ship them for overnight delivery by Dec. 29. If this happens, we will email you on Dec. 23 with updated information, and a bn.com online gift certificate.” And the latest comment beneath the post sums up many of the others: “Amazon – – – here I come!”