Journalist Solves Furious 7 Dilemma With Good and Bad Reviews

Mashable entertainment editor Josh Dickey drifts across the "Fresh" and "Rotten" lanes.

On Friday’s episode of weekly podcast Meet the Movie Press, Mashable entertainment editor Josh Dickey told his old pal Jeff Sneider that he had finally come up with a solution for his conflicted feelings about how to cover Furious 7. He would write two, separate standalone reviews: one good, one bad.


Those items have now been posted, without cross-link winks. Beyond readers who see tweets like the one below, or pay close attention to permalinks, there is no real threat to the integrity of Dickey’s pseudo-scientific experiment.

Post-Furious 7 preview screening, Dickey realized there was no point in simply panning the latest dashboard bro’ installment. Thanks to the franchise’s built-in appeal, each film’s ever-earlier “summer movie” release date and the stamp of the late Paul Walker, this thing is going to gargantuan. Domestically, internationally, Web-tastically.

So instead, Dickey will keep a close eye on each side of his Dr. Jaguar and Mr. Honda take, to note which one gets more social media action, comments and so on.

Image courtesy: Universal Pictures