I’d Rather Go Naked Than FUR

Follow. Unfollow. Repeat.

Follow. Unfollow. Repeat.

You’ve seen them. They’re out there, on Twitter, in their thousands, adopting the FUR system: follow, unfollow, repeat.

Why do they do it? Two reasons.

  1. Twitter lists your followers in reverse-chronological order. The newest person to follow you goes on the very top of the first page. When others check out who is on your followers list, they’ll see these new people, and may well follow them, too. This works in a similar principle to the first page of results on Google. Proponents of the FUR system can guarantee a page-one spot on your follower list. And if you are a celebrity or a power-user, that placing has considerable value.
  2. They’re working on the (highly dubious) assumption that persistence leads to success. You, the celebrity or power-user, are more likely to follow them back, they think, if you actually notice them. And what better way to get noticed than to keep appearing in your emails?

I track all my followers using SocialToo. I see individuals, brands and even some celebrities using the FUR system day in, day out. Sometimes several times each day.

What do I do? I block them. And I encourage you to do the exact same thing.

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