FunPlus responds to server issues in Family Farm Seaside


In the world of persistent, real-time social games, it’s not uncommon for something to go wrong. Whether it’s a quest window that won’t complete, or premium currency that suddenly vanishes, these issues cause headaches for players and developers alike.

Recently, players of FunPlus’ Family Farm Seaside experienced perhaps the biggest possible issue of them all: a (presumed) complete wipe of all of their data, taking them back to the game’s tutorial. The technical issue hit Amazon Kindle users hardest, resulting in an outage for players who were unable to login to their game, or unable to access their saved farms.

Players responded quickly to the game’s Facebook fan page, disappointed at the apparent loss of months of work and real money purchases, but the issue has now been resolved. Still, some items may have been lost for good.

A FunPlus spokesperson has given us a statement explaining what happened, and what players can expect as they log back into the game.

“An Amazon technical issue resulted in an outage on May 1st. The initial outage impacted users regardless of what device they use, limiting access to the game, resulting in some lost content and unprocessed purchases.

The outage caused an additional problem that impacted only players using Kindle devices, who could not log in to the game on their devices due to a server configuration issue. All game and server issues were resolved and fixed by the FunPlus team on May 4th.  Despite our best efforts, some data related to gift boxes and barn inventory is unfortunately not recoverable.”

In this case, a major, game-ending crisis has been averted, but the sudden (temporary) loss of in-game progress did negatively impact the game’s ratings and reviews on the Amazon App Store, and the game’s revenues over a three-day period (see our app tracking service AppData).

The statement continues: “We love our players, and the FunPlus team will do its best to ensure they have a great experience playing our games. We fell short in this case, and we are in the process of reaching out to the impacted players with an apology and a small token of our appreciation for their patience and continued support.

Players who have additional questions/concerns can contact”

Family Farm Seaside is available to download for free on iOS, Google Play and the Amazon App Store. Check out the game’s stats on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.