Another Merry Year at

Long-time Bloomberg News entertainment correspondent Michael White has a good year-end wrap-up look at According to one of his sources, the profitable company will gross close to $30 million this year; not bad for a venture that started out as a “clubhouse for our friends.”

Seeded with $15 million from Sequoia Capital, FunnyorDie counts several other high-profile owners besides main partners Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. As we head into the holidays, Judd Apatow, CAA and HBO can toast the ongoing expansion of the company’s reach:

FunnyorDie’s third show on cable TV, Billy on the Street, starts today on Madison Square Garden Co.’s Fuse network. The first feature film, Funny Or Die Presents Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, premieres at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

In a separate interview with LA Times blog “Show Tracker,” Billy on the Street host Billy Eichner (pictured) told Deborah Vankin his father read him “Page Six” gossip items growing up rather than traditional kids stories. For this guerrilla game show, he roams the streets of New York and quizzes passers-by on various pop culture topics.

[For a preview of Billy on the Street, click here]