Funny or Die Jumps into Tablet Content with ‘The Occasional’

The iPad mag is a new twist on reverse-publishing

Once upon a time, magazine stories debuted in print form before being thrown on the web for the masses to read. But recently, websites like have been taking the unusual move of reverse-publishing their content—turning an online entity into a print magazine. 

Funny or Die is the latest media outlet to take a stab at reverse-publishing, or at least a variation of it. The humor site, known for videos like “Between two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis” and “Drunk History,” has announced that it’s launching a new magazine called The Occasional (get it, News Corp.?) available only for the iPad. The tablet title, which publishes bimonthly, will include original content such as interviews, political commentary, and magazine parodies, as well as videos and games.

Subscriptions, available through the App Store Newsstand, cost $1.99 per issue for 6 issues, $9.99 for a full year, and single issues can be purchased for $3.99. The launch issue, sponsored by Fiat, features recent Oscar recipient Jean Dujardin on the cover—in addition to the headline “The Future of Publishing Has Never Looked This Good.” If The Occasional is any indication—and surely Funny or Die is a trustworthy media pundit—the future will see a lot of reverse-published content.

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