‘Funny or Die’ Comes to HBO

This Friday at midnight, HBO will air the premiere of the Will Ferrell, Adam McKay collaboration “Funny or Die Presents.” The show is a TV version of their popular website Funny or Die.

Back when the deal was announced in 2008, Ferrell predicted it would usher in a new era of…reality.

“I don’t want to overstate the importance of this deal, but this is the missing link moment where TV and internet finally merge. It will change the way we as human beings perceive and interact with reality. OK, I overstated it. But it is an exciting deal.”

More from the AP:

“Funny or Die Presents” is the fruition of a deal hatched in 2008 between the site and HBO, which purchased a piece of FunnyOrDie.com reportedly in the neighborhood of about $10 million. There’s further overlap in that HBO airs the McKay and Ferrell-produced hit “Eastbound & Down,” which is prepping a second season…

The show is introduced by a 1950s-style TV host who intones: “‘Funny or Die’ is at the forefront of computer technology, leading the way in computer comedy programming. Tonight marks a departure from our usual business model as we join the ever-declining world of broadcast television.”