Funny Farm: Free Fields from Pests on Facebook

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Social game company Eva Studio has another match-three product for gamers to try on Facebook, as players can head to the country and make matches with fruits and vegetables in Funny Farm. In Funny Farm, players’ fields are being overrun by pests, so gamers need to collect their crops before they’re lost.

In each level of Funny Farm, players have a limited number of moves to complete one or more goals. These may see users clearing a certain number of a particular crop, or clearing all crops infested with pests, as examples. Players earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on the number of moves remaining and their total points.

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Gameplay itself is typical for the match-three genre, as players swap two or more crops to make a match of three or more matching crops. When making a match of four-or-more like crops, players create booster crops on the board, capable of clearing whole rows or columns of crops from the board, regardless of type. A special butterfly is formed when users match five symbols, and is capable of clearing all units of a single crop from the board at once.

Power-ups are also available to help players complete stages. A pitchfork, for instance, can be used to clear one crop of the user’s choice form the board, while a plow clears all crops in a single column. These powers cost coins to purchase, with coins themselves being available to purchase with real money.

Players lose a life if they fail to complete a stage before running out of moves, but these lives recharge automatically over time. They can also be purchased with real money to skip the wait.

Funny Farm is available to play for free on Facebook.

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