Funny as in Ha-Ha?

Look we know it’s for a good cause and all, but seriously: Is this the best we can do?

This year’s Funniest Celebrity in Washington Contest–an annual fundraiser benefitting Bread for the City and Bread for the World–is heavy with media types, including Kathleen Matthews, Clarence Page, John Dickerson, Andrew Sullivan, Joe Scarborough and DC’s go-to panelist, Wonkgirl.

Chuckle worthy? Maybe. But funniest? Helloooo?!? Paging Dick Cheney! (now that guy’s funny).

The roster–to make matters worse–also includes such non-media knee-slappers as Grover Norquist and Senator Hagel and is sure to more deeply ingrain the notion that DC truly is Hollywood for Ugly Not Terribly Funny People.

That said, go and support the event. It’s for a good cause and, besides, you can drink gin in the corner and be snarky when Scarborough hits the stage. (“Is this thing on? Good. So how about those hurricane victims, eh? What a gas…)